Welcome to Key Stage 2

Ms McCluskey, Mrs Gotheridge and Mrs Fenton teach Key Stage Two, assisted by Mrs Mason and Mr Lee. Our classroom is an active place of learning, full of fun, but with a buzz about what we are about to learn next!


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Ms McCluskey teaches Key Stage 2 all day Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Mrs Gotheridge teaches all day Thursday and Friday. This year they are joined by Mrs Fenton on a Monday - Thursday morning. Mrs Fenton teaches the Year 3 and 4 children whilst Years 5 and 6 are taught by Ms McCluskey/Mrs Gotheridge.


Y5/6 Maths homework is given out each Wednesday by Ms McCluskey and is to be returned the following Monday. English homework is given out by Mrs Gotheridge each Friday, to be returned the following Thursday.

Y3/4 Mrs Fenton will set Y3 and 4 homework each Wednesday, this is to be returned the following Monday.


Spelling tests for all children will take place each Thursday. The new list for the test the following week will also be given out on a Thursday.

Times tables tests for all children will take place every Friday.


This term we will be finding out lots of fascinating facts about the Stone Age, building on what we have learned so far this year. Our cross curricular topic approach to learning allows the children to make links and to develop a greater depth of understanding in all curriculum areas. Please see this term's curriculum plan for further details.

We enjoy learning through a cross curricular themed approach, and help children to see the bigger picture in their learning about the world around them.

Please click here to view the  latest topic overview.

Term 3 Lower Timetable

Term 3 Upper Timetable 

Make Learning Fun!

These websites are particularly good for educational purposes and also are great fun for children!

If you can find any way to use these little and often with your child, it will really help them with their work in school.

They are fun and stimulating… but will keep your mind working!

Some have a small cost attached but some are free.. but you choose which suit you and your child best.

Let us know how you get on!


11/02/2019 - Key Stage 2 Dance

Key Stage 2 pupils have been focusing on recreating monuments from famous cities in their dance sessions with Chris Hills Sports. We were really imaginative with the shapes our bodies could make. Please click here to view photos from these sessions.



  • Ambleside Primary Look Cover (great to insert your child's spellings into)
  • Fun English Games
  • Compare 4 Kids (currently being updated for new curriculum - good for grammar revision)
  • iPad Apps

  • Squeebles: Division 2
  • MathsFrame Bubble Pop Multiplication
  • Brain Training Mental Calculation
  • Table Mountain