The School Council comprises of one representative from each year group. Elections are held at the start of each school year, and all the children vote for the new School Councillors. The School Council has many roles including raising funds for charities. Charities the School Council have chosen to support recently have included Helen's Trust and Unicef.


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School Council

2019/20 School Council


2019/2020 School Councillors


These are the KS2 speeches from the successful school council members:

I want to be a school councillor to save the environment. When I was in Year 2, Mrs Hunter and us watched a video and there was a polar bear and it was on a small piece of ice surrounded by water and I wanted to do something about it. Tia (Y3)

I would like to be on school council because I really like raising money for school and helping other charities. I will help get new equipment and listen to other ideas to make school an amazing place for everyone to be in. I would also try to make more school trips happen and think up some new after school clubs. Daisy (Y4)

I would like to be on school council because I like helping the school. Also we will organise cake sales and bric a brac sales. I have enjoyed being on school council before and I would really like to be on it again. Keeley (Y5)

The reason I want to be on the school council is because it is my last year and I want to make the world happy! Kevin (Y6)

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